A Little Knowledge


A Little Dab 'L Do Yah!

Cookie kept a few sticks of dynamite locked in a little storage shed way down in the back yard, for loosening stubborn tree stumps. A quarter to a half stick inserted deep under a stump, usually did the job with no peripheral damage.

My brothers were forbidden access to that shed, and for a long time they stayed away. But you know boys and big noise potential!
Two streets above Mullooly, there was a large empty lot owned by the Zimmer family. It would be a great ball field for the Zimmer boys and the neighbors, if several large trees could be removed. The trees were no problem, and now for the stumps.

The first stump was rather large, so the older Theobald boys, now in their early 20's, broke the rule and the lock on the shed.
Being "experts" in everything, they figured that two sticks of dynamite should do it. I was told that some neighboring windows were broken, ears rang for a week, and the largest piece of the stump landed several blocks on the other side of Mullooly Street. Fortunately noone was killed or injured, but Cookie didnít keep explosives after that.

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