Teaching a dive class in 1968
Kennedy Space Center Barracudas

The author, 3rd from left
with Fred Hoffman and the Groviers

Not really a "Dive Photo"

Party Time For Three Dive Buddies
Art Sawyer, Me, Fred Hoffman

Granddaughter Jessica
Their First Shark
Granddaughter Cassy
On Horseshoe Reef
Off Palm Beach

A 25 Pound Red Snapper

A Routine Catch in the 60's

When I Could Still Wear A Speedo!

This 20 pound Permit made great fishspread

Maybe there's something to this California diving after all!

My son Mark had a great dive in So. Calif. June 29, 2002!
It's a California Halibut - 45" and 39 pounds, taken with a pole-spear!

My son Carl gets extended wear from his dive pants

After searching the ocean depths for 42 years,
I finally catch my first Mermaid!

All mermaids like a little "tummy tickle" now and then!

Carl gets ready for another beautiful dive

Hey Look! Carl has new skins!

My Daughter Paula

Checkout Dive Dec 2002

Too Windy Offshore

My Granddaughter Laura

Laura's Dorm Mate Katey

My son Dean says "The worst day diving is better
than the best day working!"

Look out below!

The toughest part is putting on all this stuff!

Back up again the same day

Slim pickin's this year so far

Captain Pete's Axiom
2 divers or 10, the staging area will be jammed!

"After the dance is over"

It aint all "Fun and Games" (but mostly it is!)

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